Judge Stephanie Mingo 

Judge Stephanie Mingo was appointed then elected Judge of the Franklin County Municipal Court Environmental Division in 2019. Judge Mingo is the 4th Judge elected to serve in the Division that was created in 1996.  Previous to her appointment to the bench in 2019, Judge Mingo served in public practice as an Assistant Prosecutor with the Franklin County Prosecutors’ office and Assistant Chief Legal Counsel for the Ohio Auditor of State’s Office.  As a practicing attorney for over 11 years prior to taking the bench, Judge Mingo began her career in private practice in Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court, serving as a child advocate. Judge Mingo and her husband Jason reside in New Albany and have two daughters. 

Chief Environmental Specialist


Kyle Kirker serves as the Court's Chief Environmental Specialist, the statutorily established enforcement and monitoring officer for the Environmental Division.  Kyle's background and expertise are in the areas of zoning code, housing code, and environmental law.  





Judge's Bailiff

Kellie Carson serves as the Judge's Courtroom Bailiff, overseeing efficient courtroom and docket management for the Environmental Division.  





Magistrate Hoelzel


Ben Hoelzel serves as the Magistrate, assisting the Judge in researching the complex civil cases that come before the Environmental Division.  As Magistrate of the Environmental Division, Ben also aids in the docket flow.





Environmental Specialist


Craig Rees serves as the Court's Environmental Specialist, assisting in the enforcement and monitoring of the Judge's orders and directives. Craig's background and expertise are in the areas of safety code and law enforcement.  





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