Illegal Dumping



A frequent complaint that the Court receives is about illegal dumping and litter in the communities of Franklin County.  The Environmental Division hears littering, dumping, solid waste, and refuse related cases filed within Franklin County.  These cases are brought to the Environmental Division by the Environmental Crimes Task Force, Columbus Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Metro Parks, ODNR, Columbus Division of Refuse and other local law enforcement agencies.


To report dumping, littering, or other waste issues within Franklin County, please visit the Franklin County Environmental Crimes Task Force website at or call 614-871-5322.  Complaints and reports can be made anonymously.  Gather information on the incident and suspects if it can be done safely, and report it to the Task Force.  You can also report areas where dumping and littering is occurring on a regular basis and members of the Task Force will investigate it further.


To report dumping, littering, refuse, solid waste on private property, and code enforcement issues within the City of Columbus, please contact 311.  This can be done by dialing “3-1-1” on a touchtone phone.  You can also visit or e-mail them at  Be as descriptive as possible. Include the location and description of the issue.  Complaints can be made anonymously and will be forwarded onto the Division of Refuse, Code Enforcement, or the Columbus Police Department depending on the issue.

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